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Declining Obesity Rates and Healthy Food Access

By The PHCD Team   |   August 28, 2015


Earlier this year, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published their 2015 report Declining Childhood Obesity Rates: Where are we seeing signs of progress? The good news is that childhood obesity is declining in our country. The bad news is that this decline is leveling off, and children from low-income families experienced a far smaller drop in obesity rates.

The report offers a list of efforts we must continue to undertake in order to drive down obesity rates further in our communities, particular in disadvantaged areas. One of these efforts is ensuring access to affordable healthy foods for all residents.

Given this, we are extremely excited about the Growing Change campaign launched this month by Petaluma Bounty. The Growing Change campaign builds on the L.I.F.E. program already in operation at Petaluma's Farmers' Markets. Under the L.I.F.E. program, residents who spend up to $10 of their  CalFresh funds (also known as Food Stamps) at participating Farmers' Market will get an additional $10 to spend - in essence, doubling their purchasing power.  Under the Growing Change campaign, CalFresh users will receive up to $20 in additional funds to spend at the Farmer's Market during the month of September!

PHCD is proud to support the L.I.F.E. program to ensure its available at all three of our Petaluma Farmers' Markets - the Petaluma East Side Farmers' Market (every Tuesday, year-round, at 501 N McDowell Blvd.), Walnut Park (Saturday, 2-5:30 pm, May-November) and Wednesday Night Market (Wednesday, 4:30-8 pm, June-August).

We know how important a healthy diet is for a healthy body, and we are committed to ensuring all members of our community can access fresh fruits and vegetables for themselves and their families. If you or someone you know is a CalFresch recipient or may qualify to be one, please share this information with them. For more information, please contact Suzi Grady at Petaluma Bounty. 

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