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SRJC and Healthquest to the rescue!

By The PHCD Team   |   June 16, 2016


The Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) Summer Health Career Institute is an amazing program! 

Not only does the program introduce high school students to healthcare and health careers, it's dedicated to increasing diversity in the healthcare workforce and supporting first generation students on their path to college. 

California, like much of the rest of the county, is in the midst of a growing healthcare worker shortage. From physicians to nurses to support staff, we lack a workforce that is both technically  as well as linguistically and culturally skilled. Therefore, programs like the Summer Health Career Institute are crucial for inspiring Sonoma County youth - particularly those from the Latino community - to start a career in healthcare. 

PHCD and our Healthquest service are so proud to provide the CPR training and certification for these future healthcare heroes! Check out SCHI's first photo blog to see some of these participants getting to work on our CPR dummies and learn critical life-saving skills to use in the field and in the community. If you or someone you know would like to apply to next year's Summer Health Career Institute, check out their website. Or if you'd like to get yourself CPR certified by an American Heart Associated-certified training center, call Healthquest today at (707)766-9226.

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