Adaptive Equipment

Instant access to communication for people with limited physical abilities.


Lifeline Access provides a vital connection for people with limited mobility by using specifically designed electronic switches to call for help.


Lifeline’s array of assistive living technologies supports the needs of people who are unable to press a standard button. Switches designed to detect small movements can be activated to send a signal to a small radio transmitter which then sends a signal to Lifeline that will be answered by one of our Response Associates.


How Lifeline Access Works

With Lifeline Access you choose from a selection of electronic switches specifically designed for minute movements - as subtle as puff or sip on a tube, a roll of the head on a pillow, or the blink of an eye. The switch activates a small radio transmitter, about the size of a deck of cards, which instantly sends a radio signal to the Lifeline communicator. The communicator then dials the Lifeline 24-hour response center.


For pricing information or to sign up:

Call us at 707-778-7883 or email us at

If you live outside of the Sonoma County Area, please call toll-free 800-949-2434.