HeartSafe Community





What is HeartSafe Community?


Launched in 2013, HeartSafe Community (HSC) is an initiative led by PHCD to strengthen our community’s response to a cardiac emergency through CPR /AED training, strategic AED installation, maintenance and registration, and heart health education.


HSC brings together local police and fire departments, emergency medical transport providers, hospitals, schools, non-profits and the American Heart Association to work together reduce deaths from cardiac emergencies. 


The HSC program has been developed using California Health and Safety Codes Title 22 for Public Access Defibrillators, California Senate Bill  No. 658, local Emergency Medical Services (EMS), FDA, OSHA, and the policies and procedures maintained by Healthquest under the guidelines of the American Hearth Association. The HSC program is managed by Healthquest CPR, an authorized training center of the American Heart Association and service of PHCD.


HSC Advisory Committee

• American Heart Association • Petaluma Police Department
• Arrow Benefits Group • Petaluma Valley Hospital
• Redcom 911 EMS • Rancho Adobe Fire District
• Coastal Valley EMS • Exchange Bank
• Rescue Ready CPR • St. Joseph Health System
• Petaluma City Schools District • Petaluma Fire Department
• Petaluma Downtown Association • Save Lives Sonoma

Become a HeartSafe Community Business


Cardiac Health in the Work Place

This year, over 300,000 Americans will be victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. According to OSHA, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of workplace death, killing 10,000 American employees annually.


Immediate CPR and AED deployment within 3-5 minutes of collapse increases SCA survival rates by as much as 70%; survival rates with CPR alone are about 7%.


You can protect the health and safety of your employees! Because most cardiac events happen in the community and at home, CPR training is a benefit that goes beyond the workplace.


Businesses have joined HSC to ensure workplace safety and support Employee Wellness programs. Our HSC staff will work to meet the unique needs of your business and ensure the safety of your staff!


Benefits of becoming a HeartSafe Business

  • Supports your workplace in becoming rescue ready
  • Legislative watch and updates for compliance with California Health and Safety Codes
  • Discounts on AED purchases, CPR training and replacement parts
  • Access to experienced professional CPR instructors and partnership with community leaders
  • Recognized and promoted as a HeartSafe Community Business Leader
  • Support employee and customer health and wellness


Current HeartSafe Community Businesses

  • Alchemia
  • Arrow Benefits Group
  • Baddley, Oliker & Satori Law
  • Bank of Marin
  • Bell Products, Inc.
  • Cal Ripkin
  • Camp Cazadero
  • Carlsen & Associates
  • Celsius 44 Condominiums
  • Cinnabar Theater
  • Clear Blue Commercial
  • Commonweal
  • COTS
  • Cross & Crown Lutheran Church
  • Dharma Trading Co.
  • Exchange Bank
  • George Petersen Insurance
  • Giant Steps
  • Graton Resort Casino
  • Hermann Sons Hall
  • KCM Investment Advisors LLC
  • Lace House Linen
  • Lagunitas Brewing
  • Lucchesi Center
  • Luma Fitness
  • Masonic Lodge
  • Max Process Equipment
  • McEvoy Ranch
  • Mentor Me
  • Monan's Rill
  • Mortan & Basset Spices
  • Myles Ahead Fitness
  • PEP Housing
  • Petaluma Airport
  • Petaluma Downtown Visitors Center
  • Petaluma Health Center
  • Petaluma Historical Museum
  • Petaluma Police Department
  • Petaluma Senior Center
  • Petaluma Swin Center
  • Petaluma Transit
  • R.J. Ricciardia, Inc.
  • Rooster Run Golf Club
  • Soligent
  • SoMo Village Business Park
  • St. James Church
  • Stockham Construction
  • Summit State Bank
  • TLCD Architecture
  • Transplant Transportation Services, Inc.
  • Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church
  • Vitec Group
  • Workrite Ergonomics
  • Xandex Corporation




Become a HeartSafe Community School


Did you know? Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, all California public schools requiring health education for graduation must provide Hands Only CPR training as part of their student instruction. Our HeartSafe Community Schools program and staff can help you be prepared and compliant with the law!


Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in not only the number one cause of workplace death, it it also the number one killer of student athletes. Every three days, a student athlete will lose their life to SCA. Fortunately, you can make a difference and raise survival rates from just 7% to 70%. You can help protect your staff and students.


HSC is partnering with schools throughout the North Bay to ensure students and staff are ready to respond to an SCA. Becoming a HeartSafe Community School means your campus will be equipped with CPR/AED certified staff, an accessible and maintained AED, a Cardiac Emergency Response Plan (CERP) and Cardiac Emergency Response Team (CERT), and education and outreach materials for students, staff and families.


We also offer Hands Only CPR and AED Training and CPR Certification for students. This life-saving skill will prepare students for real-world careers and programs that require training or certification.

We are proud to report that in 2016, every school in the Petaluma area as well as Shoreline Unified School District became a HeartSafe Community School. There are now a total of 31 HeartSafe Community Schools in our service area! Not only are these campuses prepared to save a life of a student or staffer, but our kids are saving lives out in the community! Click here to read more about the life-saving students of Petaluma. 


Current HeartSafe Community School Districts

• Petaluma City Schools District • Cinnabar School District
• Old Adobe Union School District • Waugh School District
• Liberty School District • Dunham School District
• Two Rock School District • Shoreline Unified School District
• Cypress School  

Join Us

Everyone can play a role in making our community HeartSafe! Email us at healthquest@phcd.org or call us at (707) 766-9226 to learn about how you can get involved.


How can I get CPR and AED training?
Click here to register for a class with our certified instructors or contact Healthquest at healthquest@phcd.org or (707) 766-9226 to learn more.


How can I purchase an AED and maintenance plan?
We sell AEDs and maintenance plans to make sure your business or organization is rescue ready! Discounts on CPR training, AEDs and replacement parts are available.
Contact Healthquest at healthquest@phcd.org or (707) 766-9226 to learn more.


What if I already have an AED?
If you have an AED, the HSC program can assure your AED is maintained and is rescue ready. To find out if your AED is in compliance with state and local regulations, order replacement parts or if you have questions, contact Healthquest at healthquest@phcd.org or (707) 766-9226.


I want to provide training to my staff, but don't have the resources to provide CPR certification. What can I do?

Congratulations for understanding the importance of cardiac emergency response preparedness in the workplace! While we encourage all individuals to get full CPR certification, we understand that time and financial limitations may make full certification difficult for businesses and organizations to provide to staff. We now offer a 30-minute Hands Only CPR Training and AED Demonstration course to those looking for a shorter and more affordable option. For more information,  please check out our course listings and contact Healthquest at healthquest@phcd.org or (707) 766-9226.