About our Community Health Work

The Petaluma Health Care District (PHCD) firmly believes that good health is a state of complete physical, mental and societal well-being and not merely the absence of illness or disease.


Comprehensive health promotion, illness prevention programs, healthy lifestyle choices, and social connection are essential to improving health outcomes within Southern Sonoma County’s diverse communities.


PHCD is a leader and resource for community health, wellness, and prevention. We support efforts to improve the health of all residents through sponsorships, program support and by spearheading two local health initiatives, Community Health Initiative of the Petaluma Area (CHIPA) and HeartSafe Community.

CHIPA video introduction from KRCB TV22 on Vimeo.


Community Health Priority Areas of the Petaluma Health Care District

Access to Health Services  

Support programs, services and workforce development efforts that increase access to acute and emergency services, primary care and mental health services for Petaluma district residents.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse  

Increase awareness of mental health prevalence and services, lead efforts around community resilience and education on trauma-informed practices, and address and reduce substance abuse and addiction.

Heart Health & Healthy Food Consumption 

Promote efforts that address cardiovascular health, obesity, food insecurity and access to healthy food, and increase opportunities for active living in the community.

Educational Attainment & Early Childhood Education  

Work to ensure every child enters kindergarten ready to succeed, every child is supported in and out of school, and every young adult is prepared for and completes the highest level of education or training to achieve career readiness.

Housing Affordability & Availability  

Participate in community efforts and support programs and services to address housing access equity, affordability and homelessness in the Petaluma area.