Community Health Initiative of the Petaluma Area (CHIPA)

The Community Health Initiative of the Petaluma Area (CHIPA) is an Advisory Committee of the Petaluma Health Care District (PHCD) Board of Directors and a local chapter of Health Action.


CHIPA seeks to provide leadership in identifying community health priorities and taking action to engage in policy, system and environmental change to improve local health. This is accomplished through collaboration and partnerships with key community, health care and business leaders, local capacity building, and alignment with Health Action goals.


CHIPA is guided by the five tenets of the Collective Impact approach to achieve lasting improvements in the health of our community. 



What is Health Action?

Health Action's vision is that Sonoma County is a healthy place for all residents to live, work and play. The mission of Health Action is to mobilize community partnerships and resources to achieve equity and improve health for all in Sonoma County.

Health Action Chapters like CHIPA are harnessing the power of place. To learn more about Health Action Chapters,
click here.


CHIPA Members


CHIPA has more than 60 members representing a diverse cross-sector of our community. Current members include: business leaders, local non-profits and service providers, schools, early childhood educators, Sonoma County employees, health care providers, police, city officials, farmers and community residents.

CHIPA Youth Members
The experiences, knowledge and connections of our local Youth are critical to our collective understanding of the health of our community. CHIPA Youth Members are active participants in CHIPA and its Work Groups. They bring a powerful perspective to our work and propose unique ideas for addressing needs and supporting assets in our community. In addition, CHIPA Youth Members gain valuable leadership experience, make connections to local industry leaders, and learn alongside their CHIPA Adult Ally.

To learn about our CHIPA Youth Member program, click here.



CHIPA Health Priorities


CHIPA is currently focused on three health priorities and goals identified by our members representing the most pressing needs of our community:


Cradle to Career

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Heart Health


CHIPA Calendar


CHIPA General meetings are open to the public and held quarterly. General meetings offer the opportunity for shared learning, presentations from local leaders and providers, updates on health priority actions, and member discussion.

CHIPA General meeting agendas and minutes can be found here.


The next CHIPA General meeting will be held Tuesday, January 8, 2019, at the Petaluma Health Care District office (1425 N McDowell Blvd.). The meeting is from 12-1:30 pm and the networking lunch 11:30-12:00 pm. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.


To learn more about CHIPA or how to become a CHIPA member please contact Halley Cloud, Community Health Program Manager, at or (707) 285-2143 X134.


CHIPA video introduction from KRCB TV22 on Vimeo.


Here's a great little video of Little Free Libraries being constructed for placement by the Cradle to Career work group at five Burbank Housing communities in Petaluma.