HeartSafe Community AED Registry


Did you know that the limited shelf life of AED electrodes and batteries may prevent an AED from being able to deliver a life-saving shock in a cardiac emergency? That means that electrodes and batteries need to be replaced on a regular basis.


At Healthquest, we maintain a HeartSafe Community AED Registry to track the lifecycles of the electrode pads and batteries of AEDs in our registry, and we notify you when it is time to replace them. Over 100 North Bay businesses currently use our HeartSafe Community Registry.



Register Your AED with Pulse Point: If you choose, we will also register your AED with Pulse Point. The Pulse Point app is used by 911 dispatchers and responders (as well as anyone with the Pulse Point app installed on their phone) to locate the nearest AED when a cardiac emergency strikes.


Interested in more information or services?

Our HeartSafe Community Program offers various membership levels to ensure your workplace, school, or business is rescue ready and heart safe. We can connect you to a maintenance plan to ensure your pads and batteries are replaced before they expire, as well as provide services like developing an emergency response plan and providing CPR certification and training. For more info, click here or contact Healthquest at healthquest@phcd.org or (707) 766-9226.


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