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Community connection and your health

By The PHCD Team   |   July 15, 2016


Our health is greatly impacted by our environment. The safety of our streets. Our access to parks and green space. Our proximity to healthy food retailers. Streetlights. Cross walks. Side walks. All are obvious characteristics and attributes that we know make it easier to make healthy choices in our everyday lives. 

Our environment also impacts our ability to connect to our neighbors and community. And these social interactions and connections significantly affect our health and happiness

Fortunately, here in Petaluma, opportunities for positive social interaction - or as we call it, 'community connectedness' - abound.  One of our most precious natural resources, the Petaluma River, plays host to many activities that bring our residents and visitors together to connect and grow. From local restaurants and shops that line the waterway to organizations like the Petaluma Small Craft Center  which puts our "butts in boats" or the Friends of the Petaluma River (FOPR), that connect our youth and families to nature while protecting our watershed, our river  offers multiple opportunities for our residents to engage with each other and our environment. 

In fact, this weekend we'll be tabling at one of our favorite events of the year which benefits FOPR - Rivertown Revival.  This event is unlike any other - a festival that connects our residents in a way only Petaluma can. Boat races, interactive art, wandering stilt-walkers, farmers and fire burners, cowboy boots and  top hats - all can be found together along the river celebrating our town and all the wonderful people who live here at this annual hootenanny!

PHCD is proud to support this fantastic event. And our is due to our understanding that nourishing such opportunities for connection is integral to meeting our mission of supporting the health and well-being of our residents

So come on down to the Rivertown Revival on July 16 to meet old friends and make grand new ones - and add a few years to your life!

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